The most populous and most colorful place in Międzyzdroje, at which invested the most beautiful buildings, cottages, as well as numerous pubs and souvenir shops. Situated on the promenade is the International House of Culture, and at the Wax Museum, Cinema, Planetarium.

Top Gosań

The highest elevation in Poland (95m above sea level) lying directly on the sea, from which you can admire the magnificent and vast panorama of the Pomeranian Bay, the outlines of Miedzyzdroje, Swinoujscie and the German city of Alhbeck. The top can be reached by driving 4 km east of Międzyzdroje.

A beautiful beach is …

Undoubtedly the biggest tourist attraction in Międzyzdroje. Clean and wide, with its many attractions for children and adults. On the beach there is no shortage of places where you can rent water sports equipment and beach (bikes, windsurfing, jet skis, beach chairs, screens, etc.).

Bison reserve

It was created in 1976 and is one of the few places in the world in which they live bison. Currently, most of the animals born in the żubrowiska. Because of the poor possibilities of food wolińskich and beech forests, bison must stay in the kennel closed.

Wolin National Park

Located on the island of Wolin. His current area of ​​10 937 hectares. Wolin most characteristic element of the landscape are the coastal cliffs (up Gosań and Kawcza), the highest on the Polish coast, reaching a height of 93 meters above sea level is one of the largest parks.


which offers a magnificent view of the sea, the beach and cliff Wolin. The current pier in Międzyzdroje is 395 meters long and completed is a haven for “white fleet” offering cruises to the island of Usedom to the imperial resorts of the German Albeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin and hiking trips on the Baltic Sea.